“4G LTE for $35/mo.” National Promotion

2014.03.26 //

Trimex Outdoor, the Nation’s leader in Lunch Truck Advertising have been working together for Boost Mobile for many years.

If you work an industrial blue collar job in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston or Miami most likely you have seen the special offer on your favorite food truck that visits your place of employment!

From coast to coast, Boost Mobile is offering for a limited time a 4G LTE phone for only $35 a month, the current offer expires 3/31/14, more details are available at www.boostmobile.com.

The Lunch Truck Advertising portion of the Boost Mobile OOH Mix targets Blue Collar Multicultural Men and Women at their places of employment.

The “typical” Food Truck customer has gradually changed over the last 30 years in the US. Where they were once predominantly white blue-collar workers, they are now principally multicultural men and women average age 18-49; 60% – 80% of this demographic are the millennial generation (18-30 year-olds). Millennials grew up in a digital world full of media, marketing and an abundance of information. The 4G LTE phone for only $35 a month offers this digital savvy consumer an extremely affordable way to stay connected!

Lunch trucks serve places of employment Monday through Friday during working hours. Types of businesses include Construction Sites, Factories/Light and Heavy Industry, Business Parks, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Automotive, Shipping etc…

Boost Mobile Ads placed on Lunch Trucks reach this important audience eight hours out of the day when they are generally not exposed to other media.

Trimex Outdoor specializes in Lunch Truck Advertising, Mobile Tours and Promotions. For more information about this blog, contact tim@trimexoutdoor.com

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