Mountain Dew “A Bold Citrus Charge in Every Bottle” Lunch Truck Advertising and Sampling Promotion!

2014.11.04 //

If you work at a Construction Site or Factory in Houston Texas you most likely sampled the newest Mtn Dew flavors to hit the streets! The 7 Month Advertising and Sampling promotion took place on over 65 lunch trucks operating throughout the Houston Texas ADI.

Every Food Truck reaches a captive audience daily. During the promotion Spokes People rode on all participating Trimex Outdoor Lunch Trucks and gave out Mtn Dew samples to thousands of Multicultural Millennial Workers average age 18-34!

The Mtn Dew Flavors sampled where:

ROI…In Addition to Sampling, Trimex Outdoor sold Mtn Dew into all 5 Major Houston Commissaries and onto all 65 trucks – that equates to allot of Dew.

Mtn Dew is the fourth most popular soda in America. On the following pages you will see photos of the campaign.


In additional to reaching customers at stops important advertising impressions are developed from Traffic with a D.E.C of 9,000.


Traditional Ad Placement Shown Here – Note the target demo “Multicultural Millennials”

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