Clamato “Spice It Up – Echale Mas Sabor!” Lunch Truck Advertising and Sampling Promotion!

2015.03.31 //

If you work at a Factory or Construction Site in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas or Houston you most likely sampled, bought and enjoyed Clamato! The 3-Month Advertising and Sampling promotion took place on over 400 Lunch Trucks operating in the above US Markets.

Prior to the promotion, Clamato was only being sold off of a few Lunch Trucks. Trimex Outdoor sold Clamato into 30 Commissaries which is where the Lunch Truck Drivers shop for the items they sell on their Trucks. The end result was an 800% increase in Clamato sales!

Every Lunch Truck reaches a captive audience daily. During the promotion Spokes People rode on participating Trimex Outdoor Lunch Trucks and gave out Clamato samples to thousands of Multicultural Workers average age 18-49!

The Clamato Flavors sampled where:



The History of Clamato:
The history began in California in 1969 when Clamato® juice was created, a unique and tasty cocktail made with tomato juice and a blend of spices that livens the senses.

The farmers were the first ones to appreciate Clamato juice’s refreshing flavor when they realized how it made their long, hard days in the sun much more tolerable. Soon, Clamato became more and more well-known throughout the United States and México. Today, it’s a popular beverage among Latinos everywhere.

Lunch Truck owners who use Clamato to prepare seafood cocktails and drinks fondly refer to it as, “My Clamato.”

On the following pages are photos and brief descriptions of the promotion.

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Traditional Ad Placement Shown Here – Note the target demo “Multicultural Men”

Included in the rate…Trimex Outdoor will Introduce Clamato to all drivers, not just the trucks with ads! Buy Now Demos shown here.


How it works: Trimex Spokes People rode on a different route each day and sampled CLAMATO to this important audience eight hours out of the day when they are generally not exposed to other media. But unlike traditional print, broadcast and outdoor, TRIMEX has the ability to physically sample and generate IMMEDIATE purchase of your brand!


Circulation Figures – On the Road Again:
Advertising impressions are developed from traffic and pedestrians during drive time between stops with a combined average daily effective circulation of (D.E.C.) 9,000 per truck.


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