Multicultural Retail 360
Trimex Food Truck Trade Show Exhibit

2015.11.04 //

Conventional marketing wisdom tells us “go where your audience is.” That is exactly what Trimex Outdoor, Inc. “The Nation’s one and only Multicultural Lunch Truck Advertising Network” did this August at the Multicultural Retail 360 held at the Anaheim Marriott near Disneyland.

Multicultural marketing experts, food and beverage manufacturers, distributors, ad agency directors from all over the US speak and sponsor exhibits at this one of a kind industry trade show!

There are many variables that play into the success of exhibiting at trade shows. Our biggest obstacle was to get a 26′ long Food Truck into a hotel convention center and fit the truck into 10′ x 10′ exhibitor booth. Too get around this engineering feat, Tim Cuny, CEO of Trimex Outdoor used his technical know how to fabricate and build a customized Food Truck Fa├žade Exhibit for all our upcoming trade shows! See below.


Lisa Halpern Trimex Outdoor CFO was quoted… “We finally hit the nail on the head with this design, in all our 20 years of exhibiting at marketing trade shows around the US we have never had so many comments from marketing experts (“We love your booth!”) including our core base of repeat clients; NOVAMEX, DPSG, Pepsi, Anheuser Busch, Home Depot and MetroPCS.”

Trimex Outdoor is the nation’s leader in Lunch Truck Advertising. For more information about this blog, contact tim@


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