MetroPCS 4G LTE Network Continues to Build Momentum with Trimex Outdoors’s Nationwide Network of Lunch Trucks

2016.02.25 //

A few years back, MetroPCS Communications reached an agreement to merge with T-Mobile USA, Inc., a deal that would help the competing provider become more competitive with the other national carriers!

Trimex Outdoor, the Nation’s leader in Lunch Truck Advertising has been working with T-Mobile USA for almost a decade and continues to grow and morph with their change in marketing strategies. The new merger has split the two former competitive brands into an all in one mega wireless service.

From coast to coast, MetroPCS is offering 4G LTE smartphones for free, with unlimited calling to Mexico for $5 a month (restrictions apply, more details are available at https://hola.metropcs.com/).

If you work construction or in an industrial facility in the US, you have most likely seen the special offers on your favorite Lunch Truck that visits your place of employment!

The “typical” Lunch Truck customer has gradually changed over the last 30 years in the US. Where they were once predominantly white blue-collar workers, they are now principally multicultural men and women, average age 18-49; 60% – 80% of this demographic are the millennial generation (18-30 year-olds). Millennials grew up in a digital world full of media, marketing and an abundance of information. Metro PCS offers this digital savvy consumer an extremely affordable way to stay connected to friends and family no matter how far away they live from each other!

Trimex Outdoor Full Wraps and Traditional Lunch Truck ads reach this important audience eight hours out of the day when they are generally not exposed to other media.

Trimex Outdoor specializes in Lunch Truck Advertising and Promotions. Full Wraps are our specialty! For more information about this blog, contact tim@

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