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Lunch Truck Advertising

Trimex Outdoor Lunch Truck Network Operates Nationally in 34 major US Markets Our network includes over 2,000 independent Lunch Trucks coast to coast


Blue Collar Demo, including those who work in construction, manufacturing, on farms and other industrial places of employment.

The typical lunch truck makes 20 stops and serves 500 customers every working day.


Farm workers see us every working day!


Advertising impressions are developed from traffic during drive time between stops with a combined average daily effective circulation of (D.E.C.) 9,000 per truck.

Commuters see us every working day!


CIRCULATION: Here is how we derive our circulation figures...

Regarding our DEC... We use two circulation figures to arrive at our national average of 9,000.

1) Lunch Trucks Customers; the average truck will serve 500 customers every working day.

2) When counting traffic and pedestrians we use the below grid to estimate our DEC. This grid was taken from an article published by the OAAA that discussed circulation figures for mobile vehicles that display ad signage, i.e. taxis, transit, wrapped passenger cars, food trucks, delivery trucks/vans.

If you combine the 4 driving situations below the average DEC is 10,488 or 1,311 impression per hour. We know that the typical route lasts around 6.5 hours. Take 6.5 hours x 1,311 hourly DEC you come up with 8,521 + 500 Food Truck Customers equates to roughly 9,000. That is how our DEC is figured.

Driving SituationHours Per Day*Passing Vehicles**Impressions Per hourDaily Totals

Based on # of cars per mile – 15 highway / 40 surface street

Using TAB vehicle load factor of 1.38 adults per vehicle

Includes pedestrians

Lunch Truck Advertising for Full Wraps

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Lunch Truck Advertising - One 30 x 60 Exterior Billboards

The Perfect Grass Roots Media Mix

  • Food and Lunch Truck Advertising Billboards reach blue-collar, Gen Z and Millennials at their places of employment.
  • Our Experiential Billboard Network is the perfect Multicultural Advertising tool to grow your product or service.
  • According to census data, Latinos and Hispanics now account for more than half population in major US Markets where we operate.
  • There has been a corresponding explosion in Multicultural-focused media and our client base reflects this change.
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Add on extra signage and written information to any buy! Interior ad option

  • Reach working Blue Clue Collar Hispanics on their lunch breaks with written information.
  • Our reach or frequency surpasses most mediums, boasting an average weekly reach of 17.
  • Grass Roots Leafleting via Take One Brochure Boxes and Interior Billboard Advertising is available with any buy.
  • Leafleting via Take One Brochure Boxes is like Direct Mail Marketing at the consumers place of employment!
  • Trimex Lunch Truck Advertising, your all in one solution for reaching Gen Z, Hispanic Consumers and Millennials – Call or email us now to get started
Extra Signage
Extra Signage
Extra Signage

Packaged Goods Advertiser? We sell it for you!

Trimex Outdoor will introduce and sell your product or beverage.

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Package Goods

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